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Restrictionwear was born out of fantasies and needs that the market simply could not fulfill. I wanted to make my own and other people's dreams come true, satisfy even the highest expectations and never compromise perfection in quality.

In the beginning, as I learned how to work with leather, I designed and created products only for myself and a circle of closest friends. When I first dared to show my designs to the public, the reaction encouraged further development of the brand: I organized my workshop, designed and sewn the first corset ever... My breakthrough moment was when I was gifted a nearly hundred years old Singer sewing machine, which I use to this day. The next steps were sometimes an unexpected turn of events, sometimes a stroke of luck, and sometimes simply a result of dissatisfaction with limited choice, repeatability and soullessness of mass production.

Over the years Restrictionwear has become a recognizable brand in Poland and the world. My products can be spotted during fetish/BDSM events in Germany and the UK, seen on models such as Dani Divine, Lara Aimee or Merzmeat in photo shoots and, first of all, on my clients.
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