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Leather care

Restrictionwear leather products may need cleaning every once in a while. Remember that each kind of leather needs different treatment. Suede, nubuck and aniline leather are the most sensitive, whereas pigmented classic leather is much stronger. Before you start cleaning, test your cleaning method on an inconspicuous area. Never use a direct heat source (such as a radiator, hair dryer or sunlight) to dry your leather product.

Classic grain leather
Clean regularly with a soft brush or cloth.
Always try to minimize the amount of cleaning product used.
From time to time wipe the surface with white spirit to remove stains and remains of old cleaners.
Remember to treat the leather with a proper polish (e.g. wax or cream) afterwards.

Patent leather
Clean with a damp cloth, sometimes with a little soft detergent.

Suede and nubuck
Brush regularly with a dedicated brush.
You can try to remove stains with rubber eraser.
Use dedicated spray-on care products for nubuck and suede. Always follow label instructions.
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