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Following terms and conditions determine shopping rules at online store available at the address is operated by Pawel Waligora who operates a business enterprise under the business name Artstriction Pawel Waligora entered into the Central Registry and Information on Business of the Republic of Poland (PL-CEIDG) kept by the competent minister of economy, with service address at: Artstriction Pawel Waligora, ul. Madalinskiego 42/79, 02-540 Warszawa, Tax ID: 5212012795, REGON: 017471143, electronic mail address: Contact with service provider: - using telephone: +48 731 879 990 - or using electronic mail: 1. Definitions 1. Terms and conditions – the following online store terms and conditions 2. Customer: 1. natural person with full legal capacity and, in instances provided for by the commonly applicable regulations 2. natural person with limited legal capacity 3. legal entity 4. organizational unit without a legal personality, on which the law bestows legal capacity – which has entered or intends to enter into a Sales Agreement with the Seller. 3. Service provider (seller) – Pawel Waligora who operates a business enterprise under the business name Artstriction Pawel Waligora 4. Product - a movable item available at the online store, as the subject of a sales agreement between the customer and the seller. 5. Sales agreement – a product sales agreement concluded or pending conclusion between the customer and the seller via online website. 6. Online store (shop) – online store available at the address, which allows customer to place the order. 7. Order – a customer’s declaration of will determining unequivocally type and amount of products, leading to sales agreement conclusion. 8. Electronic service – a service rendered electronically by the service provider used to store, send and receive data. 2. General conditions 1. Following terms and conditions determine shopping rules at online store available at the address 2. By placing the order you agree to these terms and conditions. 3. Internet store retail sells through internet internet network. 4. All products offered at store are brand new, free of defects and are legally introduced on polish market. 5. Store requires customer to have active email account and device connected to the internet network with internet browsers: Internet browser: Mozilla Firefox version 17.0 or higher or Internet Explorer version 10.0 or higher, Opera version 12.0 or higher, Google Chrome version 23.0 or higher and recommended minimum resolution of 1024x768 and enabled Cookies and Javascript 6. The Service User is required to use the Online Store in accordance with the law and good customs. 3. Terms of concluding sales agreements 1. All prices on websites are brutto prices (including taxes) in euro or polish zloty. Given prices does not cover shipping costs. 2. Orders are placed through website or electronic mail 3. Orders could be placed through website 24hours a day / 7 days a week 4. Order is valid if customer correctly fills the order form and correctly fills contact and address data. 5. In case of incorrect data, seller will contact customer. If contact will not be possible, seller reserves the right to cancel the order. 6. During the order placement, customer may decide if bill or VAT invoice should be issued which could be shipped with the item or sent via email. 7. After placing the valid order, customer will be informed about the fact. 4. Shipping costs and delivery times 1. Products are send to the address given in the order form or via email. Shop will inform the customer about incorrect data and will ask for correction. 2. Products are delivered with specialized shipping courier service or national post. In special cases, there is possibility of personal pick up. 3. Shipping is delivered according to the information given at the product website. Shipping time is estimated. 4. Customer will be charged by shipping costs according to the shipping costs pricelist available at appropriate shipping providers' websites 5. Payments 1. A bill or invoice will be issued for each product. 2. Payment for ordered product should be made via PayPal 6. Product complaint 1. Customer, who signed the agreement, has the right to cancel the contract without giving the reason, in written form, within 10 days (according to: art. 7 par.1 Journal of Laws of 2nd March 2000. about protection of consumer rights and responsibility for the damage inflicted out by dangerous product Dz.U. Nr 22, poz. 271 ze zm.). 2. In case of cancellation, sides of agreement will return services/products in unchaged form. 3. Return should occur immediately, not later than 14 days. Purchased product should be shipped to seller's address. 7. Privacy policy 1. Administrator of personal data is the seller. 2. Personal data is used for sales agreement and may be processed by shipping agents. Data is voluntary provided. 8. Final provisions 1. In matters not regulated in these Terms and Conditions, the commonly applicable regulations of Polish law shall apply
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